Private Training at Diggin The Doos

Private Obedience Training is available at Diggin The Doo's in Columbia, TN! In this program, we will work one-on-one with you and your dog, once per week for 6 weeks. We'll cover: sit, down, stay, come, loose-lease-walking, leave-it, drop-it, watch, release and more. During these sessions, we can also discuss some problem behaviors at home and suggest tips to help.

Regardless of weather, we have a place for training. Sessions are up to one hour.



Diggin The Doos

106 Penny Ave

Columbia, TN


Cost: $65/session (Once per week for 6 weeks)


***Please note that you must be present for Private training.  If you are looking to drop your dog off for training, please see our Doggie Boot Camp program.***