To Neuter or Not to Neuter

I get asked all the time... To neuter or not to neuter? Well, here's my feelings on it. Take it or leave it. 😁

Ask yourself some serious questions first. Are you planning to breed him? Just because he's a pure bred dog, doesn't mean he's going to make you rich as a sire. Is the dog registered? Can you track his family history back to prove a healthy and well mannered background? Are you qualified to be a breeder? Not all pure bred dogs should be used to breed "responsibly".

Now that we've answered those questions... In most cases we've come to the conclusion that breeding is not in the cards for your boy. What about health concerns? This is a REALLY good question. Many vets today, recommend that you wait a certain amount of time before neutering your male dog. A lot of it has to do with the size and development of your dog. You definitely want to have this conversation with your veterinarian. However, once you've passed that developmental period, studies show that dogs actually lead healthier lives when they have been neutered.

Now, let's talk about some other reasons to neuter. Most males will calm down after this. Yes, your unruly little boy will calm a bit. Many unruly behaviors become easier to deal with. Then we need to think about the drive to get out of the house, yard, etc to find a mate. This is where dogs get hurt or even killed. There are many dangers outside of the protection of your home and yard. Eliminate the hormones and eliminate the desire to escape. At least in most cases. There are always those that are just escape artists and runners.

Then, we must talk about what can also happen if your male gets out and actually finds a female in heat. Yay puppies!! Unfortunately, that's not usually the response... Now puppies are either given away or sold to anyone who will take them or they end up in shelters or rescues. In either case, they could end up going through the shelter system at some point and possibly even euthanized. Yes, not neutering your dog could result in the suffering of its children. It's surely the darker take on this scenario, but all too common to avoid the subject.

In conclusion, it is A+ Canine Performance's stance that unless you are planning on breeding your dog responsibly or waiting for your dog to fully develop, neutering is often the best option for your dog. Again, please, always discuss with your vet before making a healthy decision to neuter or not to neuter.

Here's to a happy, healthy life with your dog!

This article is focused mostly on males, but much of the facts here, also apply to females as well.

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