Doggie Boot Camp

This the Doggie Boot Camp Program, we take your dog for 10 days.  During this time, Certified Dog Trainer, Tom Dixon, along with his trained assistants will individually train your dog on basic obedience cues such as: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave-It, Loose Leash Walking, Come, Focus (watch), Auto Sit and Release.  After the 10 day training period, you will meet with the trainer, where you will be shown all of the cues that your dog has learned and you'll be shown how to properly ask your dog to perform these behaviors. This program also includes up to 2 follow-up appointments at your home to make sure that everything is still going well and to work on anything you may still need help with.


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Cost: $999




Diggin The Doo's

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Drop off and pick up times scheduled with trainer.

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